Breast Reduction for Men
Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction
Male breast reduction procedures are commonly requested in the South Florida area as men (young or more mature) typically enjoy warmer weather activities in lighter clothing or without shirts at the pool or beach. Therefore, if they suffer from chest fullness, (or male boobs, 'moobs' as we've heard them called), they might be embarrassed and less likely to undress.
This condition, gynecomastia, is characterized by excess skin around the breast, or extra glandular tissue development in one or both breasts. It can also be localized fat in the chest area, and in more severe situations the excess weight of the breast tissue can cause the breasts to sag or stretch. Men who have over developed breasts may have inherited the condition or they may have had hormone changes, a loss or gain of weight, or possibly used certain medications that have now caused their gynecomastia.  
Enlarged male breast may not be physically painful, but emotionally it can lower a man's self-confidence. Some mens will avoid taking their shirt off, or wear oversized loose shirts to cover up. Either way it is not necessary to avoid physical activities, intimate moments or hide the condition when the gynecomastia surgery is a relatively simple procedure for a healthy male.  
The plastic surgery to reduce enlarged male breasts is performed in several ways, depending on the type of correction needed. If it is primarily the result of extra fat tissue then liposuction or the no downtime, CoolSculpting techniques might be suggested to get the desired result. If excision techniques are suggested, because skin and tissue need to be removed, or the areola needs to be reduced or repositioned, then the incision patterns are placed discreetly. Either way as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Hass will delicately put any incisions in the folds of the skin, or in a discreet place so the chest look is not compromised. 
The surgery itself is about 2 hours and performed under an IV sedation in our AAAASF certified surgical facility here in Palm Beach Gardens. Patients go home with minor bandages and most only need a few days off from work. Exercise and strenuous work is limited for about 4 -5 weeks, however due to the fact that the surgery is on the chest area and typically covered, most patients can get back to a normal routine fairly quickly.
Please call our office at 561-624-7777 for more details and Dr. Brian Hass can evaluate your condition to recommend the right type of male breast reduction procedure for you.
Male breast reduction surgery explained by Dr. Brian Hass.


A question for Dr. Brian Hass. 


Q. My husband is embarrassed to take his shirt off on our boat. He feels like he has breasts like a woman.

Can this be corrected?


Q. YES --This condition, called gynecomastia, can be a combination of excess fat and/or glandular tissue development in one or both breasts. It can happen on young men as they go through their adolescence or even develop as men get older.  In some cases it is a heredity condition, in other males it may be hormonal changes, weight loss or gain, or the use of certain medications.  


The good news is that breast reduction procedures for men are relatively simple with little downtime. In cases where the breasts are primarily excess fatty tissue, then liposuction or the CoolSculpting® procedure (fat freezing) may be the solution. If the breast tissue is glandular, or there is also excess skin drooping, then the surgical approach would be slightly more involved. Either way we have found most males of any age are completely thrilled with the surgical results. Afterwards, our male patients tells us they feel less self-conscious in their fitted shirts and are not embarrassed to go shirtless on the beach, gym or boat.

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