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Barriers patients consider before surgery -

"While plastic procedures have gone mainstream, patients still struggle with certain barriers before making the commitment," say Drs. Andrea and Brian Hass. Some of these can include:

  • Affordability - Only you know what you can spend or finance. Patients often save for cosmetic surgery similar to how they would for luxury items or vacation. The desire to look and feel fabulous is a priority and one in which many value as important to helping them feel confident.  
  • Safety - In the hands of a well-trained, reputable, board-certified surgeon, proven procedures have an extremely high safety profile. We find  patients feel safer in our office than driving on local highways for instance. But, do your homework. Surgery or injectables are ­not the places to cut corners.  
  • Others' opinions - Don't worry about what others think. They are much busier thinking about themselves than you anyway. This is for you. If they think anything, it's probably that you look confident and glowing, but they're not sure why.   
  • Will I look natural - will I still look like me? If you go to a first-class plastic surgeon you will look like you -- only a better, more radiant, younger/sexier version of yourself. Make sure your surgeon listens to YOUR needs and has a reputation for natural results. It really shouldn't be hard to get consistently beautiful results. Your surgery should be no exception.
  • Is it ok to have plastic surgery? This is probably the number one fear or hesitation. But, the answer is YES! Time has shown there is no need to feel guilty or vain to want plastic surgery to improve the way you look. People who choose to do so typically describe their outcome as one of the best things they've ever done for themselves. It is part of the human condition to want to look and feel your best.