Hass Plastic Surgery Video and Photo Gallery

The 'Liquid Facelift' or fillers and Botox for wrinkle correction.
"Facial injectables should make someone look natural, not 'done', " says Dr. Andrea Hass.

 Executives and plastic surgery at Hass Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Andrea Hass explains the benefits for patients of working with plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Brian Hass.

Dr. Andrea Hass explains why a browlift might be recommended with or without upper lid surgery.

Cosemtic eyelid surgery explaind by Dr. Andrea Hass, ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

 When should someone consider cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Lower lid eyelid surgery explained by Dr. Andrea Hass

What is upper eye lid surgery or blepharoplasty?

What is an executive makeover at Hass Plastic Surgery?
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