Ear Surgery or otoplasty and reshaping at Hass Plastic Surgery & MediSpa


What is otoplasty or ear surgery?


The surgery to set ears closer to the head or to reduce large ears is called, otoplasty. The surgery can be performed on children and adults especially if they are self-conscious about protruding or oversized ears. Since ears are nearly fully grown by age 4, the earlier the procedure is performed the less teasing a child may have to endure. We also find many adult patients make ear changes while having a facelift. Possibly they've been able to hide ears with a hair style, but are now able to make this change to feel more confident while combining it with another procedure. 


Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure with incisions made behind the ears so there are no visible scars. If the ears are protruding, they may be rotated back or if natural folds are missing, they can be created from tissues taken from other parts of the ear or body. Ears that have been injured and are thickened can be thinned and sculpted. After surgery, a pressure dressing is placed over the ears to hold them in place while they heal.


Our patients tolerate the surgery very well as there is normally very little pain or bruising involved post-operatively. The area may be sensitive for about 3 weeks and numbness may occur with the sensation returning slowly over a period of 2 - 3 months. This numbness is the reason there is generally no pain during recover, which can make the surgery exceptionally well-tolerated for a child.


For more information about otoplasty or any type of ear reshaping or repair please call our office at 561-624-7777.