I really want a tummy tuck, but I was told I need a drain. What is a drain and do I really need one?

Plastic surgeons have been using drains for decades to control fluid accumulations that occurs after surgery called seromas. These drains are pieces of plastic tubing that are put inside your body and come out through a small hole in the skin where the fluid is collected in a suction container. Often times they are the most painful part of a procedure as the drain goes through the skin, which is the most sensitive part of your body. They are also often the most annoying part of the entire surgical process because for weeks after the surgery they have to go in the shower with you, to work with you and to dinner with you. There are some reconstructive procedures in plastic surgery where leaving a drain is important, but for most cosmetic procedures done today, drains are a relic of the past. This is especially true for abdominoplasty where appropriately placed "progression tension sutures" eliminate the need for a drain entirely. I also perform "lipoabdominoplasty" procedures without a drain that allow me to liposuction the abdomen and the flanks and give that great hourglass shape with a low scar. Come by our office for a free cosmetic consultation to learn more. You can also follow us on Instagram @hassplasticsurgery where we will be starting a video blog answering some common questions about plastic surgery.

Posted by Dr Michael Fredrick