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Skin Care Productsin Wellington & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Skin Care Productsin Wellington & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

high-quality skin care products for women and men

The team of plastic surgeons and master injectors at Hass Plastic Surgery understand the needs of your skin, and they have hand-selected high-quality Skin Care Products for women and men in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington and the surrounding areas of Florida. With all the skincare products available today, it can be impossible and confusing to know which skin brand to purchase and how to use it? Our Hass Plastic Surgery aesthetic professionals, Ashley, our Nurse Practitioner and Hillary, our Physician Assistant, are very knowledgeable about the brands of cosmeceuticals we offer our patients. Their goal is to evaluate your skin’s condition and match it to the right grouping of products that will give you the best results for your skin type. Come in and take a look at our Skin Care Products in Palm Beach Gardens today!

What are Cosmeceuticals, Clinical Skin Care?

The measure of good medical grade skin brands

Cosmeceuticals are medical skincare products which bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These are not your over the counter, drugstore, or makeup-counter brands because they may often require a prescription. The measure of good medical grade skin brands are their scientific evidence and research backing up their results as well as the type of active ingredients in the product to allow for skin rejuvenation.

Should I be usingSkincare Products?

Absolutely! Skin Care Products and sunscreen protection are important for everyone. A good skincare regimen should be matched to your age, skin type and the problem areas you would like to treat. For our younger patients, a preventative skincare routine is suggested to prevent premature aging and sun damage. For those with more mature skin, which is already starting to show signs of aging or sun damage, cosmeceuticals can help slow down the aging process, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. If you experience a specific skin condition, such as acne or rosacea, a variety of specialized skincare solutions are available at Hass Plastic Surgery. It is smart to invest in a quality Skin Care Products so you’ll see the results intended to help improve and protect your skin.

Obagi Medical

This skin care brand has become a staple in the cosmetceutical world and known for it’s reputation and breadth of products that give true skin transformation. The types of products are often sold in combinations to give patients a regimen for their successful, long lasting beautiful complexion. There are a variety of cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreen, toners, vitamin C products, eye serums, retinols and more.

ZO Skin Health

This line of medical grade skin care was developed by Dr. Zein Obagi. As a world-renowned dermatologist he has broadened his original line of Obagi products and therapeutic treatments to bring even more result-driven solutions for every age group, ethnicity and those with unique skin conditions. The ZO Skin Health line offers an array of serums, growth factors, rentinols, cleansers, toners, and skin brightener options giving patients a broad range of options for healthier skin

Elta MD

For a full range of some of the best sun protection products, we recommend the sunscreens by Elta MD line. Some of their top selling products include sunscreens with tint, as well as those that are water and sport or sweat proof. They are easy and light weight to wear daily and both men and women love the products.


This product is actually an advanced scar treatment for scar protection. It helps to hydrate and fade a scar’s appearance.

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Your Complimentary Skin Care Products Consultation

healthy program of skin and sun care products

Find out which of our exceptional skin care products are right for you by scheduling a consultation with our professional practitioners, Ashley, NP or Hillary, PA. They’ll develop a healthy program of skin and sun care products that fit your complexion goals and your lifestyles. If you are currently using these products you may come into our office and our team will make sure they are ready for you at our front desk - or we can have them shipped to you. Does your skin care give you the results that you imagine? If you are unhappy with the results, maybe it’s time to learn about professional Skin Care Products in Palm Beach Gardens. The team of beauty professionals at Hass Plastic Surgery offer skin care products for men and women in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington and the surrounding areas of Florida. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary medical spa consultation.

We built our practice on providing you with excellent guidance and exceptional results. We want you to get the best procedure for you; that’s why we offer complimentary consultations. Our team wants you to feel confident about your procedure before you undergo plastic surgery.