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Brazilian Butt Lift Gallery Palm Beach Gardens

Also known as buttock augmentation, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure that adds volume to the buttocks with fat transfer, increasing projection and improving shape. The BBL is a multi-step procedure performed in our Hass Plastic Surgery, AAAASF operating facility in Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington offices. During the procedure, liposuction of the back, flanks, and abdomen may be performed to give a contoured shape in the areas needed, allowing for better definition of your ultimate goal to get the curves and buttock definition. The liposuction and the fat grafting provide a curvaceous outline for the torso, emphasizing that classic hourglass shape and fuller buttocks. Our specialized plastic surgeons of Dr. Kandace Kichler and Dr. Kenneth Francis at Hass Plastic Surgery have helped patients achieve their desired contours with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. For your complimentary cosmetic consultation use our contact forms or call our office for an appointment or for answers to questions you may have about the BLL.

We built our practice on providing you with excellent guidance and exceptional results. We want you to get the best procedure for you; that’s why we offer complimentary consultations. Our team wants you to feel confident about your procedure before you undergo plastic surgery.