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At Hass Plastic Surgery Center in Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington, we are proud to give you the highest quality service from the first phone call to set up your complimentary cosmetic consultation to your visit with our doctors and beauty professionals. We will find you the most convenient appointment in either of our offices to allow you the unhurried opportunity to learn more about what our practice can offer. In both offices, we provide a comfortable reception area for patients to relax with current magazines, use their digital devices with WiFi or even review current treatment brochures. Many times we hear Hass patients discussing their experience with some of the newer, prospective patients. It’s very fulfilling for us to observe them sharing personal stories and results from our doctors and master injectors. Their confidence in us is very valuable to those we are seeking reassurance in making a plastic surgery decision for themselves.

A Personalized Cosmetic Consultation

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Whether you’ve been thinking of plastic surgery for a long time, or just beginning your search, we are here to help you. We know many are a little shy, or have never even thought about stepping foot into a plastic surgeon’s office. Trust us, we know it takes courage! There are so many options available, so call, text or email our team at Hass Plastic Surgery and we’ll set up your consultation. We promise it will be well worth your time to learn more about the many options available to help you feel better about how you look! We want you to meet the doctors and team of beauty professionals who can make it happen for you, as we are all truly committed to making you feel comfortable and confident in your journey. When you come for your consultation in our office, you’ll meet first with one of our Patient Coordinators.

They’ll help educate you on our procedures and talk with you to learn what questions and concerns you have about the process. When you meet with our plastic surgeons at Hass, they will further review the types of rejuvenation procedures most appropriate for your individual needs. Their goal at this visit is to help you understand your surgical options, guide you towards a healthy and safe treatment plan, and help you understand preparation and recovery. Once a plan takes shape, we’ll get you set up for your surgery date and begin preparations so you are on your way to a new level of confidence! If you are unable to schedule a consultation in person, use our online form and we can coordinate a virtual consult with the doctors. We have many patients that travel in for procedures, so we’ll make it happen for you as well!

Preparing for Surgery & the Pre-Operative Visit

Patients who are considering surgery at Hass Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington should be assured that the procedures we offer in our fully accredited AAAASF operating facility are very safe. Whether you seek a breast augmentation, eyelid or facelift surgery, rhinoplasty or a tummy tuck there is a helpful list of preparations and precautions that we strongly recommend for everyone prior to surgery. They are:

  • No aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, vitamins and supplements at least 2 – 4 weeks prior to surgery or your injectable filler appointments. This will help minimize bruising and speed up your recovery as these items thin blood and promote increased swelling, bleeding and bruising.
  • Quit smoking for certain procedures (i.e. tummy tuck, breast lift, breast reduction or facelift) for at least 2 - 4 weeks before surgery and stay off cigarettes and tobacco for at least a month after. (Smoking greatly increases your risk of complications and will contribute to the chances for poor healing, circulation and scars.)
  • Plan your transportation on the day of surgery. You will need someone to get you to our office and be available to pick you up after.
  • Plan your recovery options. Whether you will recover at home or a local hotel, please be sure someone can care for you the first 24 to 72 hours after surgery. We will also suggest you wear loose clothing after your surgeries as it will be easier for you to handle changing and checking garments.

Additional Reading

On the evening before your surgery do not eat or drink anything after bedtime (midnight) on the day before your procedure, unless you have been instructed by our nursing staff. Follow all of the doctor’s instructions carefully and when in doubt call our office for specific details. Once your surgery has been scheduled, we will set up a pre-operative visit generally at 1 - 2 weeks before your date. At that visit our Surgical Coordinators will check your general health and readiness for your surgery and go over instructions, review consents and take your pre-operative photos. If necessary additional tests or further medical clearance may be requested from your other physicians, but it is generally not needed if you are in good health. At the conclusion of your pre-op visit you will receive thorough post-operative instructions and all necessary prescriptions or garments to take home.

On Your Surgery Day

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The day prior to surgery our Hass team will call you to review your scheduled time for arrival and go over last minute details. On the day of surgery, you’ll be asked to arrive about 45 minutes prior to your surgery time. Our surgical team will get you comfortable and prepared for surgery. You’ll meet with your plastic surgeon right before your surgery so you’ll feel confident with any last minute concerns. At Hass, the operating room is our sanctuary. Our focus is on you and we will ensure your maximum safety and comfort at all times during your surgery. After surgery, you will awaken in our recovery room where our staff will monitor you and care for your comfort until you are ready to go home.

Post-Operative Care

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Once you return home, or to your recovery location, we will call you to see how you are feeling and to answer any questions. You will also go home with the doctor’s cell phone number should you need to reach them post-operatively. Depending on the type of surgery, we will see you in our office either the next morning, or within the first week after your procedure. Remember, we are always here for you every step of the way to assist you and keep you well informed before, during and after your surgery recovery.

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Our professional cosmetic team at Hass Plastic Surgery look forward to helping you with your cosmetic rejuvenation journey. Call us at 561-624-7777; our cosmetic consultations are complimentary. We serve the residents of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Florida.

We built our practice on providing you with excellent guidance and exceptional results. We want you to get the best procedure for you; that’s why we offer complimentary consultations. Our team wants you to feel confident about your procedure before you undergo plastic surgery.