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Plastic Surgeons, Drs. Brian & Andrea Hass speak with WPBF 25 in WPB.

People flocking to South Florida for a cosmetic vacation

Hass Plastic Surgery CoolSculpting Commercial

Hass CoolSculpting

WPBF 5 19 14 Cool Sculpting 3

Patient Coordinator Talks About Drs. Andrea & Brian Hass

When Should Someone Consider Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

What Is Upper Eye Lid Surgery or Blepharoplasty

The Executive Makeover At Hass Plastic Surgery

The Self-Esteem Business At Hass Plastic Surgery

Drs. Hass On The Staff At Hass Plastic Surgery

Patient Coordinator Jill Discusses Why Patients Choose Hass Plastic Surgery

Many Patient Travel Distances To Hass Plastic Surgery

Patient Can Combine Procedures at Hass Plastic Surgery

Lower Lid Eyelid Surgery Explained By Dr. Andrea Hass

How Dr. Andrea Hass Works With Her Patients

Drs. Hass Explain Their Specialties

Drs. Hass Explain Why Patients Choose Hass Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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