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Renuva®in Wellington, FL

Restore Volume and Rejuvenate Your Appearance in Wellington & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Aging is inevitable and often leads to loss of volume and contour in the face, body, even our hands. Fortunately, at Hass Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington, we offer Renuva – an advanced injectable that contains the same growth factor properties as your own fat. When Renuva is injected into the depleted area, it helps bring about new blood vessels and fat cell rejuvenation, restoring the body’s natural volume. This volume equalization allows the area to look more natural, youthful, and healthy.

Renuva at Hass Plastic Surgery

At Hass Plastic Surgery, our master injectors and plastic surgeons specialize in creating a more youthful appearance for their patients. While there are many tools to refresh the face and body, our Wellington Renuva treatment has been proven to be one of the best. It can correct volume loss in many areas of the body, including the face, decolletage, hands, and other areas where fat supplementing is desired. For example, it can help with cellulite dimples, smoothing liposuction irregularities, and flattening scars.

What is Renuva?

Renuva is a revolutionary treatment that helps to restore volume loss in the face, hands, and body due to aging. It is an off-the-shelf alternative to autologous fat transfer, meaning it does not require any of your fat cells to be used.

When opting for Renuva Wellington patients are getting an excellent option for a safe and effective way to replace volume loss without using your own fat cells or undergoing liposuction surgery. With this innovative treatment, you can achieve natural-looking results that will help you look younger and feel more confident about yourself.

Allograft Adipose Matrix Dermal Fillers

Renuva is an allograft adipose matrix dermal filler, a type of injectable filler used to restore volume and contour to areas of the face and body that have experienced fat loss. This type of filler is composed of collagen, proteins, and other bio-compatible agents that act as a scaffold for the body to replace with its own fat. The result is natural-looking restored volume that can last up to several months. Some patients may require further Renuva injections to the same areas several months after their initial treatment in order to get the desired result or volume they desire.

The science behind allograft adipose matrix dermal fillers is based on the idea that when injected into areas experiencing fat loss, it acts as an alternative to autologous fat grafting (AFG) and synthetic fillers. Clinical studies have shown that this type of filler can maintain soft tissue volume in the dorsal wrist with no severe adverse events.

What can Renuva do?

Renuva can be used to improve the look and feel of the following body areas:

  • Face: reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fill hollows and depressions, and add volume to sunken cheeks or temples
  • Hands: restore volume and youthfulness with more shape
  • Body: improve skin tone and texture by stimulating collagen production for filling in dimples from cellulite or lipo irregularities
Wellington Renuva model with brown hair

Am I a candidate for Renuva?

Renuva is an ideal solution for restoring volume loss in the face, hands, and body.

Renuva may not be suitable for those with:

  • Previous allergies to injectable fillers
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • A history of excessive scarring
  • Moderate to severe medical conditions, such as cancer or HIV
  • Other underlying health issues that may make the treatment unsafe
  • An active infection or skin disorder in the areas targeted for treatment

Concerns that can be addressed with Renuva include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of facial structure
  • Hollows, sunken cheeks, and temples
  • Sagging skin
  • Loss of volume in the hands
  • Uneven skin tone and texture

Consultation and Preparation

Before beginning treatment with Renuva in Wellington, it is vital to have a thorough consultation with our master injectors or doctors at Hass Plastic Surgery. During this conversation, we will discuss your medical history, any medications you’re taking, and the overall goals of the treatment. Our team will also assess the area that needs treatment to determine which product or technique best suits your needs.

In terms of preparation, patients should ensure their skin is clean, moisturized, and free from irritants such as sunburn before being treated with Renuva.


The Renuva procedure is performed in an office setting and typically takes 10 to 30 minutes. It can also be performed during surgical procedures for the face, rhinoplasty, eyes, or even body contouring. It begins with the application of a numbing agent, which helps reduce discomfort during the injection process.

After the area has been numbed, your injector will place microscopic doses of donor-derived allograft fat into the dermis to create a honeycomb-like matrix upon which your body’s natural fat can restructure and remodel itself. This process yields an increase in volume while producing firmer skin tone and texture.

The Renuva procedure is minimally invasive and does not require any downtime afterward. Patients can immediately return to their normal activities following the procedure.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Renuva is an innovative treatment that replaces age-related fat loss with your body’s own fat. It is injected into the skin using a needle or cannula, and results are typically visible around three months post-treatment.

Immediately after treatment, you may experience swelling, redness, discomfort, and bruising. This initial swelling may persist for up to 2 to 4 weeks. Small nodules or bumps may be felt when touching the injection area but will resolve over time. You should avoid strenuous activity and direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours post-treatment.

Following your doctor’s instructions for incision care and maintenance of results is essential. This includes avoiding activities that could cause trauma to the treated area, such as vigorous exercise or contact sports, for at least two weeks post-treatment. Additionally, you should wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher outdoors and limit sun exposure to maintain long-term results.

Renuva is a safe and effective treatment that can help restore volume and contour to areas affected by age-related fat loss with minimal downtime or discomfort. You can enjoy a youthful appearance for years with proper care and maintenance of results.

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Why Hass Plastic Surgery?

At Hass Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients Renuva as a safe and effective treatment option with minimal downtime or discomfort. Our team of cosmetic surgeons and master injectors have extensive experience in cosmetic surgery options and injectable treatments. They are committed to providing individualized care and compassionate service to each patient.

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Renuva Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment involves injections, so there may be some discomfort. However, a topical numbing agent is applied to the area before the procedure, and most patients report minimal pain.

The risks associated with Renuva injections are generally minimal and may include swelling, bruising, redness, itching, or mild discomfort.

Renuva is a long-lasting procedure; results typically last for years with proper care and maintenance.

No, Renuva should not be performed while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Talking to your doctor about any medications you are taking before scheduling a Renuva treatment is essential.

No modifications to your sleeping position are necessary.

No, you do not need to arrange for someone to drive you home following the procedure.

The cost of Renuva treatment varies depending on the area being treated and the amount of product needed.

We built our practice on providing you with excellent guidance and exceptional results. We want you to get the best procedure for you; that’s why we offer complimentary consultations. Our team wants you to feel confident about your procedure before you undergo plastic surgery.